Gopāla Bhaṭṭa Śatakam (Rendered By: Yashoda Kumar Dasa)

One Hundred Verses Glorifying Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami written by Sri Gunamanjari Dasa Goswami. Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami, one of the celebrated Six Goswamis of Vrindavana. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu met Srila Gopala Bhatta and his family in A.D. 1511, while traveling through South India. Srila Gopala Bhatta later went to Vrindavan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, to study the scriptures with Srila Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis. Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami is famous for establishing the worship of Sri Radha-Raman, a unique, self-manifested (not carved) Deity form of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna manifested himself as Radha Raman from the Damodar Salagrama Sila out of the Intense Desire & Devotion of Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami. The Radha-Raman temple is one of the most famous and popular temples in all of Vrindavana.

Gopala Bhatta Shatakam