ŚRĪ GOPĀLA SAHASRANĀMA STOTRAM (Rendered By: Yashoda Kumar Dasa)

One thousand transcendental names of the Lord Gopālā is found in Śrī Saṃmohana Tantra in the conversation between Lord Śivā and Goddess Pārvati. Lord Kṛṣṇā is called as Gopālā, the protector of the cows is glorified in these thousand sweet and sublime names. It is stated that one who chants or hears these wonderful names of the Lord with sincerity and devotion will attain whatever he desires in this world, will definitely be freed from any kind of disease and bondage. Childless is sure to beget a good son, unmarried woman will get a good husband and one will attain all good fortune. These incomparable transcendental thousand names will yield the merits of performing thousand Aśvameda yajnās, one will be freed from all fears including disturbances from snakes, ghosts and other evil forces. Lord Gopālā eternally resides and protects the home where these transcendental names are chanted and worshipped.

Sri Gopala Sahasranama