KAVACHA JVĀLA MĀLĀ (Rendered By: Yashoda Kumar Dasa)

A transcendental garland of many illuminating powerful gems which emit rays of supreme protection . This album consists of different stotrās glorifying various  forms and expansions of the Supreme Lord Śrī Hari which are extremely powerful and grants supreme protection. It is stated that negative energies, ghosts and other evil forces will never affect a person who takes shelter of these protective shields by chanting or hearing the stotrās regularly. The fruits of hearing these stotrās include freedom from sorrows and fear, conquering enemies and victory in all tasks, relief from any kind of disease, attainment of happiness, good fortune, desired fame, long life, fulfilment of good desires, good son and many other auspicous and unlimited benedicitions. It is stated in the scriptures that there is a danger in every step that one takes in this world, and taking shelter of the Supreme Lord Śrī Hari is the only way to lead the life peacefully. This album is a valuable treasure as it provides all the supreme protective shields for the welfare of one and all. The List of various Kavachas in this album are given below.

1. Śrī Anjaneya Kavacham – Author: Lord Rāmachandra

2. Śrī Balabhadra Kavacha Stotram – Author: Śrī Prāḍvipāka Muni – Found in: Garga Saṁhita

3. Śrī Garuḍa Kavacha Stotram – Author: Lord Śiva – Found in: Brahmāṇḍa Purāṇa

4. Śrī Gopālākṣaya Kavacham – Author: Lord Brahmā

5. Śrī Hayagrīva Kavacham – Author: Lord Śiva

6. Śrī Kṛṣṇa Kavacham – Author: Vraja Gopījana – Found in: Garga Saṁhita

7. Śrī Mahālakṣmī Kavacham – Author: Lord Brahmā

8. Śrī Nārāyana Kavacham – Author: Śrī Viśvarūpa – Found in: Śrīmad Bhāgavata Mahā Purāṇa

9. Śrī Nṛsiṁha Kavacham – Author: Lord Brahmā

10. Śrī Rādhā Kavacham – Author: Lord Śiva – Found in: Nārada Pañcarātra

11. Śrī Rāma Kavacham – Author: Agastya Muni – Found in: Śrīmad Ananda Rāmāyaṇa

12. Śrī Sītā Kavacham – Author: Agastya Muni – Found in: Śrīmad Ananda Rāmāyaṇa

13. Śrī Sudarśana Kavacham – Author: Śrī Nārada Muni – Found in: Śrī Bhṛgu Saṁhita

14. Śrī Tulasī Kavacham – Author: Lord Śiva – Found in: Brahmāṇḍa Purāṇa

15. Śrī Varāha Kavacham – Author: Lord Śiva

16. Śrī Veṅkaṭeśvara Vajra Kavacha Stotram – Author – Śrī Mārkaṇḍeya Rishi

17. Śrī Viṣṇu Kavacham – Found in: Brahmavaivarta Purāṇa

18. Śrī Yamunā Kavacham – Author: Śrī Śaubhari Muni

Sri Sudharsana Kavacham

Sri Tulasi Kavacham

Sri Varaha Kavacham

Sri Venkateshwara Vajra Kavacham

Sri Vishnu Kavacham

Sri Yamuna Kavacham