ŚRĪ SĀLAGRĀMA MAHĀTMYA (Rendered By: Yashoda Kumar Dasa)

This album consists of the supreme glories of sālagrāma śīlās . There are around 300 verses along with their English translation selectively taken from various scriptures. This compilation is done to give a detailed account of the unknown, transcendental, incomparable and auspicious features, attributes, glories and all aspects of sālagrāma śilās. This work also includes instructions to be followed while worshipping sālagrāma śilās. In short , this album is a practical guide for those who worship sālagrāma śilās and a boon for those who want to know about their glories. This album would definitely be a life changing experience for the listeners as the benefits and auspicious results that one incur by worshipping sālagrāma śilās according to the śāstric injunctions is incomparable and unlimited.

Sri Salagrama Mahatmya - Part 01

Sri Salagrama Mahatmya - Part 02