Yamuna Stotra Mala (Rendered By: Yashoda Kumar Dasa)

A garland of stotras glorifying the divine and remarkable qualities of Sri Yamuna, the exalted daughter of Sri Suryadeva. She served Lord Sri Krishna in the physical state of the river during his pastimes in Vrindavana. Various acharyas have described the innumerable and auspicious qualities in these stotras. Sri Yamuna Devi grants and bestows all kind of achievements to those who is the path of Devotional Service. Let us worship and take shelter of the Goddess with full love and devotion praying at her lotus feet which fulfils all the desires of a sincere devotee of Lord Krishna. The List of Stotras in this album are given below.

1. Śrī Yamunāṣṭottaraśata Nāmāvalī – Author: Traditional

2. Śrī Yamunā Stavaḥ – Author: Traditional

3. Śrī Yamunāṣṭakam – Author: Śrīla Rūpa Goswāmi – Found in: Stava Mālā

4. Śrī Yamunāṣṭakam – Author: Traditional

5. Śrī Yamunāṣṭakam – Author: Śrī Nanda Kiśora Goswāmi

6. Śrī Yamunāṣṭakam – Author: Traditional

7. Śrī Yamunāṣṭakam – Author: Śrī Hita Hari Vamśa Goswāmi

8. Śrī Yamunāṣṭaka Stotram – Author: Śrī Vallabhāchārya

9. Śrī Yamunāṣṭakam – Author: Śrī Vanamāli Śāstri

10. Śrī Yamunāṣṭakam – Author: Traditional

Yamuna Ashtottara Shata Namavalih

Yamuna Stavah

Srila Rupa Goswami Krta Sri Yamunashtakam

Prathama Sri Yamunashtakam_Ajnatakaver Krtam

Sri Nanda Kishora Goswami Krta Sri Yamunashtakam

Dvitiya Sri Yamunashtakam_Ajnatakaver Krtam

Sri Hita Hari Vamsha Goswami Krta Sri Yamunashtakam

Sri Vallabhacharya Krta Sri Yamunashtaka Stotram

Sri Vanamali Shastri Krta Sri Yamunashtakam

Tritiya Sri Yamunashtakam_Ajnatakaver Krtam