Mantra Trance is into researching, collecting, translating, recording, composing, and preserving the rarest scriptures of ancient India which provides access to the supreme knowledge. These authorised works are presented in an authentic manner in the form of recitation of Mantras and musical chants which has been approved by the scriptural codes and injunctions in order to attain the perfection of life. All these treasured and impeccable compositions are not just writings but an expression of practical experience of the absolute truth.

The Vedic literature is called Śruthi Śāstrā. Śruthi means to hear or listen. Simply by hearing these transcendental sound vibrations one becomes perfect. The act of hearing plays a major role in a person's life and impacts one’s deep emotions such as stress and peace. These powerful sound vibrations helps

one to dissolve problems like mental stress, anxiety and fear and educates one to attain the eternal bliss. This process of empowerment is called as jñāna (Knowledge), yoga (Meditation) & bhakti (Devotion) which unfolds life to discover the self and attain the inner peace.